This German multinational bank announced they are allowing 80% of their workforce to work from home up to 2 days per week. In an effort to cut costs, the company is also examining its real estate holdings for savings. But in December the company told employees it will become primarily remote, meaning there will be no location or regular in-office requirements for most workers.

companies going remote permanently

Browse through openings from over 14,000 remote companies around the world on Remotive’s job board. With 80% of their workforce being remote, Abstract is a distributed hybrid company, but only across the US. Their careers page also shares employee testimonials to give prospective employees a better sense of the culture at MURAL.

Kate Burke, the chief operating officer of AllianceBernstein

Insider spoke with 10 industry leaders who shared why they are embracing remote and hybrid work for the foreseeable future. More than two years into the pandemic, organizations are grappling with whether to reopen workplaces. A new Microsoft report says that about half of the leaders it surveyed are looking to end remote work in the next year.

What percentage of employees work remotely?

As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees now work remotely. Additionally, 16% of companies are fully remote. These numbers will likely increase, as 59% of workers report being more likely to choose an employer that allows remote work rather than one that doesn’t.

McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm with offices in 65 countries and annual revenue estimated at $10 billion. «Most of our teams come into the office one or two days a week, and we’re trying to make those days count,» Dunn said. What’s next on the companies going remote permanently horizon is a much more connected workplace where people feel accepted for their whole selves, where people not only feel but know that they belong. This is a gift of the crisis, should employers choose to take it, and we are definitely choosing to take it.

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CEO Jack Dorsey was one of the first tech companies to announce moving employees to permanent remote work. Workers desiring an in-office experience can choose between San Francisco and New York, along with nine other cities across the U.S.

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