This indicates you to Stockholm Problem possess a great mediating affect the partnership ranging from PTSD and you may discipline at the highest levels

The correlation between PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome in the 48 women yielded a Pearson r of -.101 (p > .05). The internal subsets of the SSS (Love, Core, and Damage) correlated with the total score of the SSS with a Pearson r of .841, .965, and .915 respectively, p < .01. The internal subsets of the WAS (Psychological, Physical, and Life-Threatening) correlated with the total score of the WAS yielded a Pearson r of .833, .926, and .746 respectively, p < .01. The correlations between the WAS, SSS, PTSD, Exposure, Service, age, number of children, income, race and education yielded no significant results (see Table 4). Correlations were also run with PTSD, the SSS, the WAS, and the demographic information and yielded no significant results (see Table 5).

To examine the correlation between Stockholm Syndrome, PTSD, and WAS, the SSS, PTSD, and WAS were divided along their medians (SSS median = 154, PTSD median = 58, WAS median = 18) The scores with high or low scores were then correlated among the PTSD, SSS, and the WAS scores resulting in only one significant relationship. When sitios de citas gratis para cougar SSS is low, PTSD correlated with the WAS yielded a Pearson r of .512, p < .03. This is indicative of previous results in which the amount of abuse is directly correlated with the level of PTSD suffered by the abused women but also indicates that this is only the case when Stockholm Syndrome is low. The other correlations between PTSD, SSS, and WAS resulted in no significant relationships, p > .05 (see Table 6).

Stockholm Syndrome tends to be related to PTSD during the a beneficial tri-modal relationship with abuse therefore the around three standards have an effective complicated and interdependent matchmaking

Although it was not tall, a pattern performed leave the latest average broke up of the PTSD and you can SSS actions. The new relationship ranging from SSS and you will PTSD for the participants chock-full of SSS yielded an effective Pearson r from .149 while the correlation anywhere between SSS and you will PTSD within the people low in the SSS produced a good Pearson r regarding .253, p > .05. Then it a sign again of your mediating impression Stockholm Disorder provides which includes women in addition to development of PTSD attacks. The end result is not generalized on whole society yet not, causing the straight down correlation during the large degrees of Stockholm Problem. Another trend hence came up try the relationship ranging from PTSD and the number of punishment when PTSD try split along side average. The newest correlation between PTSD and you will Was when PTSD is actually higher resulted from inside the an roentgen out of .227 because the effects whenever PTSD are reduced was a keen roentgen out of .401. This indicates the even more abuse the women is distress, the greater amount of highly it’s correlated which have signs and symptoms of PTSD.


There is an interesting, albeit nonsignificant development, which emerged in the event that Stockholm Problem, PTSD, and you will discipline strategies was indeed split up by the their medians and you may correlated with one another. Earliest, when Stockholm Problem is low, a correlation ranging from punishment and you may PTSD emerged. That it impact offers up the chance that Stockholm Disorder for some reason mitigates the partnership between PTSD and abuse whether or not Stockholm Syndrome is actually not explicitly correlated which have possibly PTSD or the level of discipline the ladies sustain. As well, people low in Stockholm Disorder showed a stronger correlation which have PTSD than others filled with Stockholm Disorder. It correlational pattern ways too that there’s the possibility that Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD can get, in fact, have an inverse relationship to one previously hypothesized contained in this analysis. Although not, subsequent browse which have huge sample systems and a lot more carefully looked at information is needed to determine whether which tri-modal matchmaking is the case.

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