Relationship you should never change the prior means of combining analysis: touches, unions, and you may blends

You might remember the data matches with her and you may what issues we want to address, unlike how to combine the knowledge or make up for items on data source.

As an alternative, relationships are definitely the the latest, flexible means to fix render studies together out-of numerous provide. The current actions aren’t going away, and are generally nevertheless helpful in particular situations.

Fool around with Dating

This topic treks compliment of building an associated data source and making use of that to own study. If you would like to follow along with collectively, you can obtain the latest Bookshop investigation set (Link opens up in another type of screen) . Like Bookshop.xlsx with the intense analysis to begin with out-of scratch, or MinimalBookshop.tdsx in the first place the fresh related repository axioms configured having you.

Video: Migrated Study

For folks who discover a current workbook out-of an earlier particular Tableau (type 2020.1 otherwise prior to) from inside the Tableau 2020.dos or later on, your data source loss you will inform you an effective Migrated Data desk.

There are numerous videos embedded within this question. For your benefit, good transcript emerges about expandable point underneath per videos.

For individuals who discover a good workbook created before matchmaking were available (before type 2020.2), your data resource looks different. If there were inserted otherwise unioned tables, they appear because one analytical desk called Moved Investigation. Twice click to see the root tables-these are typically nonetheless there, plus analysis usually nevertheless become expected.

Note that whenever you are using only brand new Moved Study dining table, the information and knowledge pane behaves similar to previous versions off Tableau Pc.

Once you have extra relationship for the analysis model, the knowledge pane updates towards the the new style, having proportions and you can methods handled inside for every desk, therefore the Migrated Investigation desk was presented just like the a single, merged desk.

Video: Connect dining tables

To build a repository regarding associated tables, get in touch with your computer data and pull a dining table on canvas. Drag-out the next table. A love often immediately function whether or not it can also be. If Tableau do not choose the related sphere, you might be encouraged to pick them oneself.

The new fabric you’re watching is a special level of your investigation model where you are able to connect tables together. Dragging-out additional dining tables adds these to the details model. The brand new noodle suggests which dining tables is relevant.

Dating will likely be predicated on calculated areas. It’s also possible to indicate how sphere shall be opposed that with providers when you define the connection.

Add touches

You may make a hop on of the twice clicking on a dining table to start the brand new join fabric (often referred to as the fresh real level), right after which dragging-out a table to manufacture a jump on. Performing meets is the identical sense given that previous versions out-of Tableau-you can set a hop on clause, as well as a computation if necessary, and you will configure this new sign-up variety of.

Once you intimate this new register material, the new table on relationships material (also referred to as the latest analytical layer) features a join symbol to point the root sign up. Simply because a jump on merges their dining tables along with her to create one, the fresh new table. Associated tables continue to be line of.

Create unions

Incorporate unions by the dragging-out The latest Relationship. Unions, such as for example satisfies, indeed blend the content, and feature a symbol with the logical layer. We advice usually renaming unions-otherwise one dining tables having unclear brands-so you’re able to things even more of use.

Video: Show Alternatives

For your relationships, you will find overall performance options and related industries. Tableau instantly chooses safer non-payments for these selection. However, while clear on the advantages of the investigation, modifying this type of possibilities can give Tableau details on exactly how to greatest arrange automated suits throughout research. Setting the new cardinality and you can referential integrity jpeoplemeet fiyatları selection offers Tableau details on precisely how to optimize queries.

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